Here I am

IMG_4153I never wanted to be self-employed. I just don’t really have that “be your own boss” mentality. Tell me when to show up and what to do and I’ll do it to the best of my ability; very few questions asked. However, I happened to marry a man who has only ever been self-employed; whose very definition of a career is titled “free lance”; one who dropped out of college and started his own small business at 18.

And so you might imagine that starting this venture with him has been what some would call stretching. Todd Casselberry, founder of Wow Wow Waffle and friend to my artistic graphic designer, screen printer, creator of sorts husband, Joe Kraft, introduced him to the concept of taking part in the movement of Wow Wow Waffle from Redding, California to here, in sunny San Diego. Naturally, my husband saw it as an amazing opportunity being who he is. Being who I am, I naturally said, “no, I don’t see that happening.” Before I sound like a dream basher, I have my reasons for thinking as such, as you will see, there are many layers to our life and adding another just didn’t seem wise. But before I knew it, Todd had shipped us the waffle equipment (an authentic belgian waffle press), bought us new supplies, set-up a commercial freezer, as boxes of Liege dough were being shipped our way and thus we began our venture into this small business of waffles.

We may share of the creation of Wow Wow Waffle itself at a later time but that’s not really what this blog is about. This blog is about the inner workings of what it really takes to start a small business (hopefully a successful one). It’s about the ups and downs, the curve balls, the motivation, and the creative juices needed to keep the dream alive. It’s about us (Amy & Joe) as a young married couple attempting to do life together. And as we learn to combat Yelp comments, broken generators, mistakes & misunderstandings; as we try new recipes, work with temperamental equipment, and try our hardest to appease all market managers through out San Diego; we hope this to be an enjoyable read. And we hope as we grow, you can too. So here I am. Honestly doing something I’ve never dreamed of, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to dream bigger. Godspeed to all you small business entrepreneurs! Grace to you and to us.

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