things to know

Important thing to note when starting any small business. You will most likely be working 7 days a week and getting paid $5 an hour. How long this may last is very much dependent on a number of factors but it will certainly last longer than you’d like. This is not noted for discouragement but purely for honesty.

We’ve decided to pull out of our Scripps Ranch Market on Saturdays and look into a pop-up shop at the coffee and tea collective on el cajon blvd. The Scripps market manager is the sweetest lady but alas, we just couldn’t swing it. I suppose with real deal faith, we may have left our previous work and poured into the waffle business wholly making room for markets 4,5, even 6 days a week. But then again, perhaps it’s more wisdom that said, “keep your day job.”

And so we keep our day job. Myself, an MFT Intern (counseling) working in a non-profit clinic in lovely North Park, an occasional caterer of sorts (job I’ve had for almost 7 years now), volunteer at Horizon Christian Fellowship (which lends to 25 hours a week – seems ridiculous to most to give all that time, but what can I say, God calls), and well those are the “jobs”; there are plenty of other activities but we’ll save those for later.

Husband: artist, graphic designer, creative director, screen printer, complete free lancer. Can you say, “fixed income?” I can’t.

The day Job(s) goes on as we keep making waffles every morning at 6am doing what we can to get this baby off the ground. If the waffles weren’t so tasty, I would have turned back long ago. $5/hour isn’t so bad; all in the name of …..

um, well, love I guess.

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