Things to know 2

IMG_4175My lovely Siamese needed a “check up” for which we discovered she needed her tooth pulled, mouth cleaned, and medicated for another 10 days. Have you ever tried getting a cat to swallow a pill? There are many uTube videos on the matter and actually many are helpful but none of them tells you how to get rid of the awful sadness you feel when you’ve just forced your cat’s mouth open, inserted a pill, and massaged her throat to get her involuntary muscles to swallow. She has no idea that it’s for her own good. I’m sure it would remind me of being a parent if I was one. However I do know that attempting to keep the waffles alive during the week your husband is out of town and your cat is in recovery is just plain hard work. I am not complaining about hard work. No no.. I’m not. I like hard work.

(But remember, I didn’t really sign up for the position to begin with.)

Anyways, what helped keep me afloat was the lovely lavender caramel I discovered in La Jolla. Spread thinly on a Liege waffle with some nice bananas ended up being a great breakfast plan. I wonder if automobile business owners end up having multiple cars? Or nursery folks have tons of plants invading their home space? You know what? I bet they do.. So yes, I have waffles, waffle products, and toppings that invade my home space and my stomach.

Thing to know: If you are going into a small business; treat it much like going to graduate school. It takes commitment, time, and more than effort; but more so an obsession with the subject or in this case, the product.

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