Coffee & Tea Collective

fire curdsGod Bless this little crafty crafted coffee roasting venue in North Park. The joint moved into the neighborhood mid-summer last year and we came to find that Joe is somehow connected (friend of a friend) with the owner (of course), Daniel Holcomb. Graduate of Pt. Loma and entrepreneur himself; we’ve taken quite a liking to him and his establishment. Fresh tea leaves bagged only after you order and beans roasted on the spot and grinded, again only after you order. Nix the blended, mocha vanilla pumpkin pie syrup type drinks; only fresh coffee and tea with workers that know their stuff. We began working in cahoots with Daniel a few months back delivering our hot waffles to him every morning. Starting at less than 5 a day and now rising to close to 20; we find that amazing coffee goes great with amazing waffles.

In recent weekends; we’ve been spending our Saturday mornings there cooking up Liege waffles on the spot with toppings to boot; candied bacon, goat cheese, fiery cheese curds, fresh berries, whip, nutella, lavender caramel..etc. We also tried out our first Friday night there as Daniel (owning his own business and all) is quite flexible. We hope to bring more business to him and simply thoroughly enjoy our partnership. We’re not quite sure how it’ll pan out as we do not yet know if there is enough of a demand to post up there every weekend or at least a couple times a month. Let us know if you have any thoughts on this… We are coming up on a few decisions as to where to commit to this next month. It’ll dictate our Spring/Summer season. If we can find decent markets to enter into now then we will be set for the coming months. Choosing poorly will land us a mediocre summer.

Please send your lovely prayers our way as we make some decisions and do go see Daniel’s place on 30th and El Cajon Blvd. We just may be there; at least the waffles will. Another little tip on small businesses; make friends.

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