Waffles + Real Life

Marriage and Family Therapist. That’s my “day job”; in between slinging waffles, I meet with families, couples, kids, and adults 1:1 for about 50 minutes in my work in progress office. I love it because it gives me perspective. Perspective about honest hard living, circumstances beyond our control, and the overall fight that everyone has in them. I’ve listened to some dark stories and have been a part of grieving moments. Of course the process comes with healing, restoration, and revelation as well, which are the parts that keep you listening. Sometimes people ask if it’s a hard profession since I’m 30 years old and don’t have “life experience”. While I do agree that sometimes going through a similar experience can help you help others do the same; it can also hinder you from helping all together because what worked for you may not work for them. You don’t need all the answers; you just need to know howLife is messy to listen, observe, seek wisdom, and be willing to explore. My profession is one of those where the main objective, is to get you to stop coming.

At the market, the game changes. Returning customers are your new best friend and remembering names is key to that. In the small business world, they say 20% of your customers will provide 80% of your business. So you there, you that returns every week for a new concoction of toppings with that same excited smile; you are amazing. And a big thanks because you make it all worth it. And for you, you who likes to tell me all about what “should” be or what the waffle “should” taste like, or you that when asked if you’d like a sample, just scurry past like I’m selling you a used car; well it’s those times that I’m reminded of my client who worked her way through rehab, seeking help and support, fighting for a future, and gaining restoration with her family, because that’s real life.

The waffle is just icing on the cake so just enjoy it.


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