4 days ago I turned 31 years old.

I typically don’t mind turning older. It’s good for my career actually, as if I gain instantly more knowledge and “life experience” as my number increases. It does me good to let my clients think so anyways. But this year, I have to say, I kind of minded. I couldn’t quite figure out why it mattered more than 27 or 28 or 30 for that matter, but I think perhaps it’s because 10 years ago, I was turning 21. And when I think about it like that; it makes me feel much older.

You really have to think back. In a 10 year span, what have I done? I don’t really mean making a list of accomplishments; education, degrees, trophies, relationships, etc..

I more mean, who have I become. So far that is. And when I think about my 20’s, I realize however self-centered it may sound, that I’ve essentially just been taking time to figure out just that. No matter how you swing it; 21 is all about you; and I’d wager a few years after that as well. Could it be that as I’ve gotten older; I’m finally on the brink of fully realizing that life is not about me and so perhaps, that selfish piece of me is not excited at all to be 31 exactly for that reason.

I think I still need to mull this over in my head..

As a side note; since this blog is also about waffles; those numbers are going up as well. Pretty sure the waffles don’t mind so much about their number as I do mine.

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