Bigger and Better?

I actually like cold and wet rainy days. I enjoy colder weather than I do the heat. But I tell ya, it does not connect well with farmer’s markets. Who wants to go outside and see fresh lettuce in the cloudy 60’s? Not me.  A hot liege waffle with home-made whipped cream? Maybe, but it’s certainly not a guarantee. If only life were predictable, right. Then I suppose we could all predict how much money we’ll make and then predict how much we should spend. But then I guess owning a small business wouldn’t be so risky and then everyone would do it.

Thanks to the customers at the Coffee & Tea Collective and our select favorites in La Jolla & Oceanside, we’re rounding off to close to 450 waffles a week. Sounds like fun, right? Except that it’s all happening in my little nest of kitchen which now is Not my kitchen, but a waffle factory. Actually, I myself, pretty much feel like a waffle factory.

With that said, we are looking to expand (the waffle business that is, not my apartment). We’ve been blessed with a third partner to go in on a sweet little space in the heart of North Park. Waiting on all that business behind the scene renter stuff and we’re hoping to move in come May. After a hefty build out to make it “user-friendly”, we will then be able to store and cook, and connect with the community Outside of my kitchen. Oh I dream of those days!

Mind you, this will put a real number on my other responsibilities. Plus, working more markets (looking into Ocean Beach, North Park, Little Italy, and the Public Market) makes a little more sense now as it’s simply good advertising and a way to connect to San Diego, but mind you; my husband and I do have other jobs so how is this even possible.

I’m not sure yet. It’s all so unpredictable but what can you do but make your plans, pray, and let God direct your steps. In the midst of it all; I’m going to cook waffles, eat them, study for my giant Marriage and Family Therapy exam coming up in the summer, drink chai tea, pay my bills, put aside or deal with my fears so I can counsel others, remember to love my neighbor, pray, and keep sweeping waffle particles off my kitchen floor so the cat doesn’t eat them.Image

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