Glory Days

We call the past most often “the glory days” – days when we were all younger, healthier, and better looking, but mainly we call them “glory days” because they were days when dreams were bigger.

Life has a way of stamping out visions and those dreams that every one said were too big. We start to think they were right and we are told to think big but start small. Dream hard but bring it back to reality. Break the boundaries but weigh the costs. Some where we compromise and decide this is “as good as it gets.” Not to say that good isn’t great, but what if life were so much better than great. The reality is that while it looked like we were going to take off in April and head to a starry new storefront, it just didn’t happen. We peeked through a few doors but nothing flew open. We went through quite a busy summer as it seems the liege waffle has made it’s way as a staple in some homes, which I would add, we are grateful and commend you for it. Come September, we looked into a few other spots all in the heart of North Park, but again, nothing. It’s times like these where the dream is measured down a bit to become more rational, logistically doable.IMG_5299

But not in the mind of people like my husband. People like my husband are in fact, called “dreamers.” Yes, “dreamers” are challenging people but they can add just enough optimism at times to keep the ball rolling.  In fact, when odds are against these “dreamers”, they don’t just maintain their dream; they grow them. So from looking into kiosks, from tiny store fronts, to bigger store fronts, to a giant new building going up in East Village. I can’t say much about the lay out yet as time will only tell and who knows if the door stays open.

While we sit tight and move towards the possibility of the waffle movement; we hope to supply you with fresh baked ones @ your local shops*. You’ve noticed I’m sure the liege waffle popping up around San Diego. We hope to be the first store front geared toward waffling in San Diego, but I’m not in control so we’ll just see what happens. In the mean time, the dream it seems has only grown and so I won’t call the past our “glory days” quite yet. Perhaps we all should re-frame the concept and look ahead at what glory may come.

*Catch us: Coffee & Tea Collective, Subterranean Coffee, The Lazy Hummingbird (Daily or as fast as we can supply them)

Sundays: La Jolla Open Aire Market 9-1pm // Thursdays: Sunset Market Oceanside 5-9pm

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