And the beat goes on

No Christmas tree this year as we raced through December and into 2014. Spending only 14 days @ home in December just didn’t rank the tree high up on the list of “must haves.” Traveling to Hawaii to visit the little brother graduating with his Master’s, getting the house set-up for our pet-sitter so that the children (dog and cat) coped well enough while we left town, spending time in Northern California to visit my beautiful parents all ranked higher. It was a sweet time and before we knew it; we were back in San Diego with our waffle press.

2013 ended with gifts, family, a waffle shortage, a distraught flea bitten cat, and a lay off. Interesting though, the year ends but nothing else does really; and yet we find ourselves looking to new things, branding innovative goals, and feeling just a little more determined on January 1st then we did on December 31st. I don’t think I feel quite so determined yet but I’m sure it’ll kick in soon. After all, we do have waffles to make after the “shortage” last month and lofty dreams for the great waffle may transpire (only time will tell). And I did lose a job so I find there is much more time in the world. Of course, there is also my counseling practice which is always a reminder that dreams really do come true but never on their own. So whatever goals you’ve made or plans you’ve formed; here’s my counsel:

Some things are easier than others; it isn’t ALL hard. BE GRATEFUL. Investment means time, money, resources, talents, and sacrifice; nothing less. Become trustworthy or maintain it (where every you fall on the scale). Don’t walk around suspicious like at any moment someone is going to let you down. Get a pet. Eat a waffle and Let the good times roll.

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