We are who we are

Last I wrote about a possible store front, it was September of 2013. Almost one year later, on June 20th, we opened our doors to the hip and cool heart of North Park. We’ve received much love from our community as waffle lovers alike roam 30th looking for our little patio around the back of 30th Street Laundry. This was in fact the original location we scoped out in April last year. The property at the time was selling as a whole, laundry mat and house included. While it seemed like a sweet spot, it was above our pay grade. We kept our eye on it as other doors were opened and closed and you kept us going San Diego as we maintained market to market. We are so grateful to those who’ve stuck by us and especially to our farmers market community who understand the deep inner workings of market life.

In May of 2014, 30th Street Laundry took new ownership and they happily welcomed us into their transformed kitchen garage.

No, we do not live there.

Although, technically we spend more time there than in our casa (only a couple blocks away).

We are transitioning into this brick and mortar as we do tend to treat it like a market, changing our chalkboard menu daily, using a metal box as a register instead of a fancy POS system, and running out of ingredients far too quickly as typically we were only used to running for 4 hours, not 8-10/day. Thanks for bearing with us as we hope to bring more stability into your lives and you bring some to ours 🙂

We aren’t trying to be anyone else. After all, we can only be who we are. My husband is a San Diego local, I am from the Bay (Northern Cali), he is an artist/graphics guy, I am a marriage and family therapist, we’ve been married almost 5 years, we’ve been making waffles for half that time, we live in North Park, we have good days and bad days, we have one cat and one dog, we make waffles, we did not invent them, we want you to enjoy them, we like to pay our rent on time, we appreciate your business.

2 responses to “We are who we are

  1. I love what you are doing and where you are doing it! We own Rinse Salon (North Park), and our next passion project is to bring modern Peruvian food to the people. Hopefully in the North park area as well. How did you find your cute spot on 30th? Would love to chat how we too, can bring our passion project to fruition (on a shoe string budget!)

    • thanks for your comment. we would be happy to share our experience, the “in’s and out’s” of what we’ve been blessed and challenged with since we started in Farmer’s Markets in 2012. Feel free to come by our shop – we’re there most of the time but you can send us an email as well to check beforehand. thestreetwaffle@gmail.com

      We wish you blessings in your venture!

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