The short & the long of it..

So you may have heard, we are reopening Friday, May 8th. Not the GRAND OPENING we were aiming for but another “soft” opening of sorts. As we’ve gone down the road of the Building Department of San Diego, as well as the Health Department, we’ve come to 1 conclusion. If we were to do it all over again; it wouldn’t be in San Diego.

None the less; we have started something here and gosh darn it; we’re going to see it through to it’s potential. With that, we had to ask ourselves; what do we really want to be doing; actually long term…? A full scale restaurant? A franchise? Rooted in SD? No, no, and no. We’re not set on being here forever; nor are we trying to create a waffle industry spread across time. We simply enjoy the product, appreciate the loyal supporters, & really want to keep it simple as we dabble in our other vocations.

The City of San Diego really does not like us being in a garage (they have pretty much said “no” you cannot open a restaurant there, we would have to tear down the garage building and start over) however we built out a little food cart and now have a mobile permit that is on the garage property. Ironically we can serve food out of a tent (outside) but not in the walls within a building mainly because we never got permission to do so. Now we have permission to be in our tent but because we are a “mobile food cart” and not a “restaurant” or food truck – we cannot serve “hazardous foods” – this includes eggs. Sorry, no eggs for now folks. This also includes other dairy like items so we have to find a way to can our homemade whipped cream as scooping out of a jar is “not up to code.” We cannot cut food items so we have to prep all items off site at our commercial kitchen which will limit our menu as cutting certain foods ahead of time really just doesn’t keep them very fresh.

Being in our tent, we simply cannot prep as many waffles. There’s not enough space, nor do we want to go on a cooking frenzy and attract bugs or other critters which is why our hours will be limited. We are anticipating selling out most days as we get going as the space we are utilizing on our cart is the same space as a farmers market where we go through about 75-150 waffles a market. On Saturdays, we were going through over 300 waffles a day – as you can see, we just can’t make this amount in our tent which is why we have shorter hours.

OPEN Fridays and Saturdays 8am-3pm // SOME SUNDAYS 9-3PM (May 5/10, 5/24) – Why the limited Sunday Hours? We didn’t know when we were going to open so we booked out our space a few Sundays in April, May, and June for private events (fun things like birthdays and wedding showers). CLOSED MONDAY-THURSDAY. WHY? Because we are moving forward with our garage kitchen; the city finally approved building (a snack bar; not a restaurant – the intricacies are just confusing so don’t ask) so we need time to build the space during the week days.

We either were going to open part time or wait another 2-3 months to open at all and we decided on the former – really for those die hard waffle fans. We are moving away from being this “breakfast spot” and really just being a spot for Liege waffles – in speaking with our business partner on Hawaii, we are going to up our lemonade game and get Wow Wow Lemonade into the mix as well by summer.

WE ARE A WAFFLE FOOD CART with a sweet little patio backyard. We are still involved in plenty of events and so we’ll post a calendar on our site every month so you know where we are, what we are doing, and when you can come by to get a waffle and hang out.

Oh yes, last thing, everything is served “to-go” – not because we are kicking you out but because we are serving/prepping outside and feel it’ll be more sanitary to package your goods – you can sit at the table without worrying about a bug flying by and if our space gets super crowded; you are good to go already, PLUS the health department hinted on this being a “better” way to serve our product given our current food permit so we are trying to “follow the rules”

You might think we’re making it harder than it is. The fact is that many many eateries never asked for permission to build on their property or change their menu, hours, locations, etc etc – technically you are to inform the City of SD of all these things when their happening (it’s like notifying California when your income level changes to make sure your not getting benefits you don’t need anymore – you are required to do this but many folks do not) but many have not gotten caught and they probably won’t because the City is very busy unless there’s formal complaint. Which for us, is what started this whole journey – none the less, we are trying to play by the rules and we appreciate all you trusty waffle lovers being a part of the journey.

God Speed to whatever endeavor you’re attempting – may it be a good one.

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